Mantanani Island + Kawa Kawa Proboscis Monkey & Firefly Combo Package

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A Brief Description

  • Tour Code


  • Price

    Adult – MYR280
    Children –MYR240

  • Duration

    7:00AM – 9:45PM



→ 7.00 am | Hotel or homestay pick up/proceed to kawa kawa kota belud jetty
→ 8.55 am | Arrive at kawa kawa kota belud jetty
→ 10.00 am | Depart to mantanani island (30 to 45 minutes journey)
→ 10.45 am | Arrive at mantanani island/getting ready to snorkelling
→ 11.00 am | Snorkelling activities started (2 spot for snorkelling which is 1 spot for around 30-45 minutes)
→ 12.15 pm | Estimated time arrive at base camp for lunch
→ 1.00 pm | Free and easy activities at mantanani island
→ 3.00 pm | Depart back to Kawa kawa jetty
→ 4.15 pm | Estimated time arrive at kawa kawa jetty
→ 4.20 pm | Having high tea
→ 4.30 pm | Get ready to find our rare proboscis monkey
→ 5.20 pm | Back to base camp /proceed to watch our beautiful sunset view
→ 6.10 pm | Back to base camp for having dinner
→ 7.00 pm | Get ready for firefly mangrove cruise
→ 7.45 pm | Back to base camp
→ 8.00 pm | Back to hotel or homestay (upon customer request)
→ 9.45 pm | END OF THE TRIP

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Malaysia, a tropical country with a fascinating rainforest, can still meet in protected or undeveloped areas.
The flashing fireflies! When you call them to see them, remember not to catch them or illuminate them with glare, so that I

We can always appreciate the natural Christmas tree. A flash of sparkling crystals, all the stars are small stars, people look silly eyes! In addition to the code
The head is everywhere, but you can’t see your fingers, but when you see thousands of flashing fireflies in front of you, the invincible shock is

You have to go to the scene to feel it!

Proboscis Monkey

The main feature of the proboscis monkey is its large, long nose, whose use is not very clear and may be the result of sexual selection.
Male monkeys are much larger than female monkeys, generally 72 cm long, 75 cm long and weighing 24 kg. The mother is only 60 cm long and weighs 12 kg.

The proboscis monkey has a large abdomen and its digestive system is divided into several parts to help it digest the leaves. This is also the only primate that can be found
Animals. Its food, in addition to leaves, also includes seeds. However, proboscis monkeys cannot eat sweet food.

Proboscis monkeys are mainly produced in mangroves, swamps and riverside forests on the shores of Borneo in Southeast Asia. In groups, each group ranges from 10-20 monkeys.

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Let you feel comfortable and save during the whole journey
Our tour guide will bring you to the hotspot snorkelling area, will let you feel our beautiful coral and fishes

Important Notes
Recommended that bring changing cloth/towel and sun block
This package is exclude insurance and none as from above include item
This package can buy insurance separately if needed
Min 2 pax
This tour is no limit of ordering
Deposit needed during ordering this trip
Deposit are not refundable if guest have some personal reason that cannot attend this trip

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