Survivor Island & Volcano Mud Bath Day Tour Package

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A Brief Description

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  • Price

    Adult – – MYR210
    Children –MYR190

  • Duration

    6:30AM – 5:30PM



→ 06:30 AM | Hotel Departure
→ 08:00 AM | Terminal (Kuala Penyu)
→ 09:30 AM | The journey will take 1 hour 30 minutes to arrival (Snake Island)
→ 09:45 AM | Sightseeing at Snake Island (take picture)
→ 10:00 AM | Departure to sand spit island!
→ Arrive at Tiga Island for snorkeling (one snorkeling spot for 1 hour)
→ 12:00 PM | Stop for lunch
→ 01:00 PM | Search for the tropical jungle and experience the volcanic mud (20 minutes)
→ 03:20 PM | Back to Kuala Penyu jetty
→ 05:30 PM | Return to the hotel or a specific location
→ End of trip

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Tiga Island

Travelers’ come to explore and stay.
Tiga Island Park was established in 1978 with a total area of ​​approximately 15,864 hectares, of which Tiga Island has the largest area and two smaller islands.
The islands are Kalampunian Damit Island (also known as Snake Island) and Kalambu Nimbusa
(Kalampunian Besar Island) is a protected forest area. Sabah Park also keeps a few plank roads in the forest, one of which will arrive
The location of the volcanic mud bath. The volcanic mud bath is rich in minerals, and you can see bubbles rising up in the volcanic mud.

Tiga Island

Tiga Island is a mud that was sprayed from several mud volcanoes a hundred years ago. It has been piled up all the year round, and there is still a constant flow of warm mud. Because of this
The unspoiled natural environment has made the American film crew also come here to film the reality TV series – Survivor (SURVIVOR), and therefore
Make Tiga Island more famous. Tiga Island – Malay means three islands with beautiful scenery and abundant marine ecology, which is currently open to the public.

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Important Notes
Recommended that bring extra changing clothes
This package exclude insurance and none as above include item
Min 2 pax
During the public holiday and school holiday, reservation will be required two day in advanced
This tour is no limit for ordering
Deposit is needed when order this trip
Deposit are not refundable if guest personally cancelled this trip due to personal reason

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